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  Introductory video of AMP Board Members Kristina Meulebroeck, Reggie Gorter, Linsey Prunty, and Mark Thode.

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Our mission is to provide an arts experience dedicated to mentoring and performing. By welcoming all students we commit to guiding their character and artistic passion in a fun, disciplined environment advancing both the individual and the community.


Here's a little more about what we will offer and how. AMP wants to walk along side those struggling in life by discovering talents and encouraging self expression with guidance from mentoring instructors. Arts education in music, dance, theatre among other mediums will be creatively offered, but not in the traditional sense of a 30 minute lesson or a weekly, ongoing, in perpetuity type of commitment. We have found that the traditional lesson in the traditional format rarely fits the contemporary learner anymore. We’ll offer creative performance opportunities versus the torture of a recital. And most importantly we’ll offer all our arts opportunities with a mentoring can we be better people through the arts? While anyone is invited to any experience we offer, we’ll be doing some things to target those at greatest risk of falling away from a thriving life; partnering with agencies and qualified community members, life lessons through arts lessons, and innovative fundraising to help pay for the good we want to do.

Latest News for Press Release

AMP's first big project is an evening summer camp for middle school aged kids, The Lion King Jr. Experience.  The camp includes several days of learning the foundations of theater, auditions, rehearsal and performance of the Lion King Jr.  Rehearsals will take place at the Quartziter Community Center in Jasper, MN.  Performances will be at the Hiawatha Pageant Park in Pipestone, MN.  The camp begins June 24 and will mostly meet 5:30-9:00 Monday through Thursday.  Performances are August 11, 12, & 13.  There is also opportunity for kids who interested in backstage work, sound & lighting, or drumming. This production is in part funded by a grant from Southwest Minnesota Arts Council.  Please register online at Camp Registration or stop by xxxxxx for a flyer.  Call 605-695-8626 or email